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Optimize your sales with e-commerce in Odoo

Odoo is THE novelty in the field of e-commerce! Integrated, customizable features in your management software in a clear and simple operation. Design product catalogs and product pages with only a few clicks. E-commerce - with Odoo a breeze.

Appealing product pages determine the image of your stores - WYSIWYG editors belong to the past!

Create convincing product pages with the aid of the unique, new "Edit-Inline-Function" and "Building Blocks". Would you like to change the price of an item? Format? Add banners? You only need a few clicks. Generate attractive product pages quickly and easily using drag & drop from "Building Blocks".

Create product pages in odoo
Cross-Selling Function of odoo

The cross-selling feature - your income turbo

Through the integrated cross-selling function, your customer receives further product proposals for each article, which he places in the shopping cart, and is thus encouraged to rummage and compare again. Show your shop visitors the product diversity and animate them to purchase high-quality items.

Edit prices with the help of the inline editing function fast and easy. Only a few clicks allow you to implement advertising campaigns, change product descriptions, and price changes.

The Google Analytics integration - Your way to sustainable reviewing your sales channels

Google Analytics automatically records all purchases automatically. It is therefore easy to observe the effectiveness of your sales channels.

Get a comprehensive overview of your business using built-in marketing tools such as bulk shipping, campaigns, etc, already associated with Google Analytics.

For more information about sales and sales in Odoo see here.

Google Analytics integration in odoo
add language in odoo

With multilingualism to new markets

Your Odoo web shop automatically offers you translations for each side. You can reach international customers potential without any extra effort.

The Odoo on-demand function allows you to translate your website by professional interpreters.

By the way: Change your site's content and the corresponding translation is automatically created within 32 hours.

Catalog design - Effectively sell through targeted product placement

You know your customers! Design your catalogs according to your own ideas and experiences. In the Display Modality area, you have all the options: Promotional tapes, related products, actions, grid view, list view, etc.

The product can be processed directly on the page.

Catalog Design in odoo
SEO tool of ODOO

Access to new customer potential - with the SEO tool of Odoo

Odoo provides you with ready-to-use SEO tools that do not need any configuration. It creates suggestions for keywords, which are preferred on Google.

Success through social media - optimization from ad to conversion rate

Whether display or conversion rate - the inline editor feature of your Odoo shop helps you to generate simple and time-saving landing pages. Specific information pages can be individually assigned to your prospective customers from marketing campaigns.



Social Media of odoo
Reseller Network of odoo

Referenced Price Lists for your Reseller Network

Optimize your cooperation with resellers and thus open up new customer potential. Whether it's promotion for your dealers, leads for offers and consultations, specific price lists, or loyalty promotions, Odoo makes it possible.


Then: Interfaces - Today: Integrated

With ODOO wins your online store to numerous advantages: control system, flexible pricing structures, inventory tools, reseller integration, handling special ordering processes, events, services, versions and options u. v. m.
All the necessary tools are already integrated in ODOO - You can save time from additional software and time-consuming installations.  here an overview of the many possibilities with Odoo.
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Next to your Odoo shop

Sales modules that match your shop

Odoo POS

Odoo also has a solution ready for your analogue salesrooms: Odoo POS (Point of Sale) The POS system does not require expensive special hardware and even works offline, being completely integrated into your warehouse and finances! With a simple browser and on any device, whether desktop or mobile.

Odoo CMS

With the CMS from Odoo WYSIWYG gets a new meaning. Place blocks by drag 'n drop, write text, done. A modern layout, easy to customize but still individual, beautiful and reader-friendly. Translation suggestions and the included SEO tool also make website creation easier.

Odoo electronic bills and payments

With this module, you can set up professional invoices in the shortest possible time, remind you automatically or settle your invoices. The exchange of data with banks is facilitated. For sales analysis, this module provides you with comprehensive statistics.

Odoo warehouse

Odoo's revolutionary storage system can trace all operations seamlessly, thanks to double-entry bookkeeping. Specify rules to automate processes to minimize processing time. Incorporated into other Odoo modules such as purchasing, sales and accounting you get an evaluation of the storage efficiency.

Odoo - a holistic solution

All from one software

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Odoo has a large number of features and modules to represent your business. More information about the solutions of Odoo get here.

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